Cover up the theory first and then do some previous year questions for gaining confidence. 2019 -BITSAT being an online test, you will require exposure to these tests. You will be provided with a user id and password and you can access these tests using those id & password. Self-Explanatory Detailed Solutions to all the above -Though answer keys are attached with the books, these detailed solutions to the exercises in the study material booklets will guide your preparation in the right way. Revision Tests -10 Revision tests at the JEE Main level in each subject, breaking up the entire syllabus into 10 modules helps you to build a systematic revision mechanism.

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A special educational needs learning and engagement practitioner was re-deployed to design and create bespoke packages for students who had education health and care plans . One of the students was from an out-of-county secure children’s home, was a child looked after , had a EHCP and was involved with child and adolescent mental health services . The coach spoke to all year 11s to find out who required additional time to complement their part-time timetable, who hadn’t secured a destination, and who was on track to attend full-time education or employment.


The youth voice activities further explored barriers to employment for young people, their career aspirations and support needs. New analysis of latest Labour Force Survey data from 2021 shows a quarter of young people who are NEET experience some form of mental health problem, compared with 9 per cent of those in employment. A wider analysis of Quarterly Labour Force Survey data suggests this figure is growing and could be higher. Since 2011 the number of NEET young people reporting a mental health problem has increased from one in ten to almost a third in 2022. This is significantly more than young people who are in education, employment or training . The LGA could provide further support linked to this project with follow-up activity in three to six months’ time, when councils will have had time to implement the action plans that they have developed. The time-period of five weeks for action learning was too short to incorporate implementation and meaningful reflective practice.

Selected Students

This participant approached JobWorks+ for support in getting into employment. Having been involved in anti-social behaviour and having little prior work experience, he felt at a loss as to how to access employment and was pessimistic about his prospects. Through one-to-one mentoring, he identified that his motivation was to gain employment in order to occupy his time in a productive way.